Lord of Misrule (single)

by Reason Breeds Monsters

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Our first CD single release. Limited edition "Supporter of the Band" edition available if you pay £10 for this download, featuring a numbered print from a woodcut produced for us by Paris-based artist Mateo Lecorre.


released October 15, 2012

Music by Reason Breeds Monsters - non-copyright, but licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license.




Reason Breeds Monsters York, UK

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Track Name: Lord of Misrule
The puppets have broken their strings.
As they lie on the stage, their wooden limbs twitch and they open their eyes.
The silence is broken at last.
The decades I prayed that the music would start have now come to an end.
While riot police dangle in lines off the clouds,
Trying in vain to encircle the crowds
That threaten to steal the Emperor's throne,
As His Highness knows only too well.

The cobweb strewn orchestra stirs
Filling their lungs and remembering songs long unsung
The puppets will step from the stage
At the sound of the drum, and each time it comes, another cold dreamer awakes
I curse you, the audience who gawps at the show
The beggars will rise up and lay the lords low
And cry that it's time for the show to begin,
The players are naked, their brittle bones thin
Their hearts are ablaze as the emperor's screaming
"God Save Me"

This story interests me
Your actions please me
And so for the whole year I will stay with you
In the heart of the battle, I'll heal you
If only to see what you go on to do
For I am the Lord of Misrule